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Automation in Education

Use Cases


We at Smart4U, have Education BOT solution that helps students to get on-demand response of their questions. Education BOT sends real time notifications and alerts. It provides historical, benchmarking and predictive data to increase students performance.

Assessment Platform

Practice with Exam Mock Tests to help you understand the mistakes you are making. Analyse and compare your result to know your standing among others. Also get detailed statistics about your performance to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Analytics Dashboard

We at Smart4U, have School Analytics Dashboard Solution that helps School Admin Department to get insight about Admission so they can take corrective action proactively.

Machine Learning

In a adaptive learning system student complete exercise on a assessment platform that feeds their progress into a database. Analytics software then combines this data with information on the student's background. Teacher and administrators can view the student's progress in dashboard and also can get prediction how student will performe in the class. On the basis of this information educators and administrators can make the adaptive learning program.

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