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BOT Services

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BOT Consulting and Implementation

Smart4U provides BOT Consulting and Implementation Services. Chatbots conversational UX is the new medium for businesses to communicate with their customers. They are a cheaper and more efficient tool to automate some of the day-to-day tasks, enabling you to focus your resources on the core aspects of your business. Enterprises look for intelligent chatbot that understands their customer intent, have a semantic two-way conversation, and provide quick customer service. A tailored AI-powered or NLP-based chatbot integrated with your business ecosystem will bring great results offering effective services like: lead generation, sales, customer support, HR helpdesk and Survey.

API Integration with ERP and CRM

Smart4U can create an API using webhook process that acts as a pipe for applications to access data, business logic, or functionality from your back-end services, such as your ERP, Accounting, CRM and Marketing Systems.

API Integration with Facebook and other Social Messengers and Chatting Apps

Smart4U can enable BOT services on Social Messengers: Facebook, Twitter etc. and Chatting Apps. Our API Integration with Social Messengers and Chatting Apps is reliable and business friendly.

Customize BOT UI

Smart4U provides customize BOT UI services to meet your requirement according to your taste. We can create bots with a variety of features such as text, buttons, images and Integration with Google APIs.

Analytics and Dashboards

Smart4U provides customize Analytics for your BOT services. Analytics are often overlooked when it comes to BOTs. While BOT Analytics is very crucial for getting insight from BOT services. The KPIs that you need to show in analytics dashboards may vary based on the use case of the BOT.

Manage Services for your BOT

Smart4U provides manage services to do O&M and change request for your BOT services. It will keep your BOT services updated as per business requirements.

6 Steps Process

Define the ChatBot Requirement

API Integration with Database

Define UX and Message Flow

Analytics and Dashboards

Monitor Your ChatBot

Analyze & Optimize Your ChatBot

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