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IoT Services

Over the next 5 years, IoT market is expected to reach USD 724 Billion by 2023.

IoT Consulting and Implementation

Smart4U provides the IoT Consulting and Implementation Services. Our IoT platform provides end-to-end security, Global Protocol, Out of Box Data Insights, Fully Managed and scalable, Role Level access control, Device Deployment at scale and other services. Smart4U provides IoT services in the field of Smart Building, Energy, Predictive Maintenance, Industrial Safety, Supply chain and Asset Tracking and Agriculture.

API Integration with ERP and CRM

Adopting an IoT solution requires cross-functional coordination between business, operations and security colleagues to identify critical dynamics such as scalability, security and back-end integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP), CRM, or inventory systems, among other things.

Analytics Dashboards with Notification & Alerts

On a dashboard that needs to be monitored continuously or by email only with no. It extends any IoT platform or hardware with mobile real-time notifications.

Predictive Analytics using Machine Learning

Prescriptive power of machine learning. Finally, these systems do not just have the predictive power, but prescriptive as well. Namely, the fact that they can predict future events based on the algorithms they build also means that they can help in making devices and systems at the edge of the IoT network more efficient.

Manage Services for your IOT Platform

Smart4U provides manage services to do O&M and change request for your IOT services. It will keep your IOT services updated as per business requirements.

6 Steps Process

Sensors and Devices

Smart4U IoT Platform

Custom App & API Integration

Analytics Dashboards

Notifications & Alerts

Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics

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